Fishkill Affordable Braces

Orthodontic treatment does not have to be difficult, nor does it have to be expensive. Here at R & R Orthodontics, serving patients in both Mid Hudson Valley and Dutchess County, we’re pleased to offer options that will allow you to have the attention you need when it comes to getting straighter, more attractive, healthier teeth; and properly aligned jaws.

Traditional braces, which are made of metal, are more lightweight and stylish than ones from the past. Yet, they have lost absolutely none of their effectiveness in moving your teeth into an ideal position. And that’s important because the truth is that in addition to being an aesthetic issue, misaligned or crooked teeth can cause you discomfort and they can also make you more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. That’s because it is more difficult to floss between them efficiently.

With our affordable braces, you will end up with the smile you want and need. In addition to metal and gold braces, we also feature ceramic, which are less obvious since they blend in well with your teeth color. We understand that our valued patients like you may be concerned about feeling self-conscious, and ceramic is just one option you have for alleviating that. Lingual braces are also available.

They are similar to regular metal braces, except that they are put on the backside of your teeth, instead of the front. The above choices among our Fishkill affordable braces will reduce the visibility factor, but if you want to get ones that are virtually undetectable to the eye, Invisalign is the way to go. Its aligners are made from clear plastic, for optimal invisibility, maximum comfort, and the advantages of removability.

Book an appointment at our office for a consultation. You’ll work with our orthodontist to identify which of our Fishkill affordable braces or Poughkeepsie area are the right ones for you.