Stephanie C. (Pleasant Valley)

I wanted to thank you for giving me a beautiful smile. You told me it was only going to take 9 months and you were right on. Your care and support throughout the whole experience was amazing. I appreciate all that you have done. Keep up the good work and make many more beautiful smiles.

Susan O. (Poughkeepsie)

Having such a beautiful smile has improved my confidence in so many different ways. I am no longer hesitant to approach strangers and feel so much more confident in a room full of people where before I would feel awkward and try to hide in a corner somewhere. I have always felt good about who I was on the inside, but I don’t think I was ever really able to share myself entirely with other people because I never felt good about the way I looked on the outside. Recently, a friend pointed out to me that since having the orthodontic procedures done, the beautiful person that was always there on the inside is now shining through on the outside. I guess if I had to describe how it has changed my life in one sentence, I would say it's like being the caterpillar that was sleeping inside the cocoon and is finally released in the form of a butterfly. I now have the confidence to be the outgoing person I always knew I could be, and it feels tremendous! Thank you for changing my life!

Claire W. (Wappingers Falls)

Our family’s experiences with Dr. Rosenbloom and his staff have been nothing but positive. Both my son and daughter had varying degrees of orthodontic work done over time and every office visit was more positive and pleasant than the first. My children and I were always welcomed with big smiles and we left well informed knowing what was expected of the doctor and what our responsibilities were. After the estimated treatments were completed for both my children, I was VERY pleased with the results. My children’s smiles are beautiful and healthy; they have also become accustomed to maintaining those smiles by wearing their retainers as instructed by Dr. Rosenbloom. They recognize how important it is to take care of their teeth as exemplified by Dr. Rosenbloom and his staff. My family and I are very fond of Dr. Rosenbloom AND his staff. Their constant attention and professionalism made a long and arduous process very painless. As a result, we consider them like family, keeping up with children’s progress in all respects. I want to highly recommend anyone needing such professional care to call R & R Orthodontics!

Alison D. (Poughquag)

‘Smile and the world smiles with you!’ Thanks to Dr. Rosenbloom, my daughter has a terrific smile with perfect teeth. The only thing that surpasses Dr. Rosenbloom’s professionalism is that of his courteous and supportive staff. My first experience with an orthodontist has been a positive one and I never hesitate to recommend the office to my family and friends.

Cathleen H. (Fishkill)

Throughout the years, not only were my children patients, but I too was a patient. It was after experiencing outstanding treatment for my daughter that I decided to have my teeth corrected. Shortly thereafter, it was my son’s turn. The care and concern displayed by all of your staff made us feel comfortable at all times. We completed our treatments in May 2004 and continue to receive compliments on their smiles. Their graduation portraits are beautiful thanks to you and your staff. We wish you continued success. It is without hesitation that I have recommended your services to family and friends.

Katie M. (Poughkeepsie)

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone, You have all been such a wonderful blend of cheerleader and enforcer that my kids never minded coming to your office. The results of treatment have been fantastic, especially for Robert, what an incredible difference! I could not close this note without thanking everyone for their patience and flexibility as we worked to get through Robert’s last few visits while living in Western NY. I really appreciated it!

Pam W. (Pleasant Valley)

I just wanted to let you know how terrific everyone is in the office. It was a pleasure going there, you all are so friendly and warm! Brianna cannot wait to go back, you really made her feel very comfortable. I can not thank you enough for that. The family feeling is very comforting for a mom to bring her daughter there! Thanks again- you are wonderful!

Mary M. (LaGrange)

My orthodontic treatment and experience with your office has brought me great pleasure and complete satisfaction. Three out of four members of our family over the past three years have received quality care from your services. We started with my son, Matthew, who needed a palatal expander, headgear and full braces. Then, while Matthew was undergoing treatment, we started my daughter, Rachel, who also had a palatal expander, chin cup and full braces. We received excellent and professional care during the process. Not only do their teeth look amazing, we also had a pleasant experience at the office. For anyone who wears braces, you know there are countless times when a wire pops out, a bracket falls off eating something you shouldn’t, or something doesn’t feel ‘just right’ and you need an emergency appointment. Their staff is to be commended for their accommodating and quick scheduling in getting you an appointment. The office always runs on time, the best run doctor’s office I have ever been in. They are helpful with insurance questions as well. While both of my children we undergoing treatment, I, myself at 39 years old decided to get braces!! Needless to say, I was nervous, apprehensive and fearful. Dr. Rosenbloom and the staff removed all those negative feelings as I started my course of treatment. Dr. Rosenbloom was always so encouraging and compassionate and I knew that I was definitely in the right hands. I truly consider the ‘girls’ my friends. They were so understanding, sympathetic and helpful to my needs and let’s just say, out of the three of us, I was the worst patient. I am deliriously pleased with the results of my teeth. I am very fortunate that our experience in wearing braces was a wonderful and positive one thanks to Dr. Rosenbloom and his staff. Our teeth look beautiful and we have all received numerous complimentary comments. Dr. Rosenbloom and all the girls are truly amazing. The quality of care, professionalism and friendliness made us enjoy our time that we spent with them. I miss them and still stop in to say an occasional ‘hi’. These are the type of people who make a difference in people’s lives.