Fishkill Pediatric Orthodontist

Getting involved in your child’s oral health early and often goes a long way toward keeping this smile healthy and intact for the long run. This kind of pediatric preventive care is known as interceptive orthodontics—starting as early as 6 or 7 years-old. Don’t deprive your child of first-rate care. Swing them by R&R Orthodontics and have them meet with our Fishkill pediatric orthodontist. Dr. Rosenbloom caters to patients in both Mid Hudson Valley and Dutchess County.

One thing your child might need (depending on their situation) is space maintainers. What in the world are those? We’re getting to that part. In a nutshell, space maintainers are ideal for ensuring that teeth develop in the correct locations. See, whenever a primary tooth is missing for an extended time, there’s a high risk that other teeth become loose because they aren’t supported. Once this occurs, teeth move into the spaces meant for other teeth.

There are two space maintainers that are most used: fixed and removable. The removable kind are made out of acrylic, using blocks of dental material or artificial teeth to hold open the spaces. Fixed maintainers, on the other hand, are attached with dental cement to teeth beside the gap. Ideally, you’ll want to use these for young children who lost a back tooth.

Wanting more information? We totally understand. Whether you’d like to set up a consultation or go ahead and get space maintainers, feel free to reach out to R&R Orthodontics. There you’ll finally meet a highly-coveted Fishkill pediatric orthodontist.

Sound good? You certainly wouldn’t be the first to think so. Now go ahead and take the first step toward getting your child’s smile on the right path. Pick up the phone and call R&R Orthodontics. Or shoot them an e-mail. Either way… contact us to set up an appointment, and be well on the way to visiting our Fishkill pediatric orthodontist!