Invisalign in Fishkill NY

There are braces and there is our Invisalign in Fishkill NY. It’s in a class by itself because it offers benefits that are simply not possible with standard braces. Here at R & R Orthodontics, Invisalign represents our clear braces, which are invisible, comfortable, and removable. And all while straightening your teeth as well as any set of braces would.

What sets our Invisalign in Fishkill NY apart from other methods of aligning teeth? Aside from the fact that the world doesn’t know you’re wearing anything on your teeth, the first difference is found in how it is created. Instead of one set of braces, you will wear a series of aligners. This can be as many as 48, or as few as 12, all depending on your unique circumstances. They’re made at our office, not in a dental lab; and there are no impressions needed. Digital photos are fed into our computer, whose 3-D software creates models that lead to aligners that fit you precisely. Plastic won’t dig into your gums or cause you mouth soreness or irritation, as is possible with metal braces.

Another great aspect of our Invisalign aligners is that you can take out your aligner when you eat, brush, and floss. Enjoy all of your favorite foods; even the sticky, chewy, and crunchy ones. Your oral hygiene will be much more efficient, too. Each aligner has a lifespan of about two weeks. You then discard it and put in the next one. All the while, your teeth are being repositioned in an ideal manner possible, as prescribed by our orthodontist.

The sooner you call us and arrange an appointment to come in for a consultation, the sooner you can begin your orthodontic treatment with our Invisalign in Fishkill NY clear braces. Straighter, more attractive teeth are in your future.